Content The King – When It Comes To Web Designing and Development

Designing a website is a big commitment; it requires resources to be put forth for creating a beautiful website to the constant maintenance involved to keep your site always updated. Well, that’s not enough, to quote “the more the merrier” if you are someone who wants to get more out of your website then here are a few things you can do right now to get more from your website. 


Well, one might be bored of hearing that blogging is one of the best ways you can improve your website. But to be honest, the blog is the single best thing that you can do for your website. Through the blog, you can constantly change and update your website, as Google is always visiting your website and all other million websites on the internet for the latest content. The trick is, the more you add, the more Google must scan and it increases your website’s ranking (rankings depends on a number of factors). Blogging also helps you to keep up with the latest industry news, blogs help you to even improve your relationship with your clients and represent yourself as an industry leader. 

Responds to contact forms in a timely fashion-

If a customer tries to contact you through the contact form available on your website, they generally expect a quick reply. Now quick reply doesn’t mean you have to reply within minutes, but it’s likely to reply to the person within 24 hours. The questions asked through the contact form are time-sensitive; you might lose a follower or get a bad rating if you are unable to reply, or posting too late. Sometimes it can happen that you don’t have an answer or a reply to the question, then we’ve got a trick that can help you with it. You could reply with a quick “Thank you for contacting *name of the correspondent*, we’re looking to your request and will have a solution by *expected timeline*. This reply is better than not replying at all. This way you can gain your follower’s trust and loyalty.


Not only you should timely response to request and questions on contact form but also your comments. Replying to comments on your blog helps a lot. It shows your readers, followers, Google, that you are regular and engaged with them and your website, rather than just posting content. It does not just help you to keep your blog updated but also helps you to know what your readers like and dislike about your website. In addition, replying to the comments help in increasing the number of keywords that appear on a specific page. This increases your rating on google and also expands the search results for your readers and people on the internet looking for similar topics. You must respond to comments regularly to keep you updated with your website and it also benefits in the long run.


You should claim your Google My Business (GMB), the listing has numerous benefits. Firstly it helps to expand the visibility of your site on the internet. After claiming your GMB listing, you can control the content shown on the Google when your website is searched. The content includes your logo, business hours, location, and the correct web address (it’s common for websites to have the wrong web address on the internet). Posting correct information can drastically increase your website’s popularity and ranking on Google.

These 3 (+1) things can help you get the most out of your website and is beneficial for your site for the long run.

What to Avoid While Designing Your Website

Mistakes – One of the most regretful and time-wasting entities it seems right? Whenever you encounter a mistake in your design or idea you realize you wasted your time and hard work in doing the wrong thing. However, Mistakes make a person perfect. And on the whole – any website does not have a picture perfect.

There is some or the other kind of flaws in every design, which will be visible to either to you or any other person. This might sound hard to believe in such harsh words but the truth is bitter, there are mistakes in website designs – some get caught while others are visible after some time.

Mistakes such that grammatical or punctuation marks are not being spoken here but the critical ones that are assigned to Website designing. Website designing has a lot of technical work which might not be visible to a viewer but to the designer. They undergo a lot of hit and trials and then comes up a single page. The website also includes unique content which the viewer or your audience per second can get attracted to instantly.

In fact, if you glimpse into your previous designs, which you might have decided on your website you will think was it I who committed this carelessness and how could I? Definitely, you had given a lot of time and a lot of work in the process, however, these mistakes have occurred.

Remember the Harry Potter Story? Imagine how amazing it would have been if we could have got Dumbledore’s Time Turner and gone back in time just like Harry Potter and Hermione Granger turned their time and saved Sirius Black and Buckbeak.

Turning things back to what it was is something each one of us would want to do – and this way everyone would have been leading a life may be less chaotic. But then we aren’t any magicians and this isn’t right now possible to make it true. So, we all should just drop the plan of going back in time and switch to reality with the web designing services offered by the web designing company in India. And we must not be committing the same mistakes again.

Now in order to level up your web designing game following are the common mistakes one does while designing their websites and should be immediately avoided:

. Images Fill in Life to a Website:

Images play a vital role in web designing. There are times when you can actually attract viewers with the presentation of your website solely.

Uploading some images to your site, which is of bad quality and is highly pixelate will spoil the show. Either it does not blend in with the tone of your brand or it does not come with a good resolution, or the focus is unclear. And, knowingly or unknowingly it has been killing your website.

You can always hire a professional photographer or illustrator if you have pictures of products and services who could help you with the same. They could easily create an image deck for you. Or the next option is to use stock images.

Hopefully, now you know the importance of images on your website.

2.  Color and Typography

We just discussed above the need for images that exhibit a high resolution and a clear focus.

But, here again, we are discussing typography and color. When it comes to using fonts for your site and also the color of these fonts, it is as important and one has to be very careful with just like images.

Usually, it happens that neither the font matches the color, nor the color matches the font when preparing your website. Consistency in the color and font is a crucial factor while designing a site.

Well, these two are the most basic and Important things while preparing your website.

Reasons You Need To Choose PPC Campaign for Your Website

Earnings is the ultimate goal when it comes to business and marketing – be it online or offline. People are more turning to digital marketing and switching their business platforms to digital yields them growth and along with it fetches them monetary benefits as well.

Below is the reason one must try out PPC services:

How do you know if a PPC campaign is right for you?

When you are searching for a PPC campaign or ad copy and what all it can offer you, it is then you will come to know that you are at the right position. Most businesses which are unable to seek huge success or growth despite of the huge investment, one can easily get success from a small investment using PPC services in India.

Google Adwords Services provider

Reason #1


Driving audiences from content is lone of the greatest way. You get to seek a huge number of people and attract them towards your website using unique and attractive content. However, one of the major issues that people come across is that the results are largely out of your hands. The situation might be such that writing a post that goes vira might seem to be really easily and gets tens of thousands of visitors. On the other hand one might write a post that gets only 20 views. There are things you can do over time to minimize this variance, but it will always be there.

Also, if you think that the organic searches from the search engines cannot change drastically or will change slowly and eventually then you are wrong. There are times when your write up is ranked majorly because of the usage of keywords, unique content and attractive presentation. Also, if you have high rates pages recommending your website the numbers will be surely different and vary to a huge number. Also, this won’t get you penalized with Google too.

So, while you can expect those sources of traffic to grow, you don’t know how much or how fast. And, you also have to be prepared for setbacks.

With a PPC, campaign on the other hand, your visitors are directly tied to how much you spend and the search engine algorithm is less of a factor.

Obviously, there’s much more to PPC than a call to action from a text ad or search query.

There are times people get scared of PPC but instead one must think to be ready and excited to give PPC a proper try and grow your business.

Reason #2 –

Getting Instant Results:

Mentioning this would be a repetition, however, when it comes to be a good marketer or whatever professional you are hiring for the PPC Campaigns or digital marketing or handling your website, it will somehow take in about 6 months to 1 year in order to gain major monetary benefits or to take your website at a certain point where you thought of reaching with PPC strategies. One thing that is great about PPC campaigns is that through these strategies you gain profit in hours and not in months.

Reason #3 –

Easy to Scale:

How do you scale content marketing? You create more content, yes!

Now creating content does not mean copy pasting or just for the sake adding thousands of words with no proper alignment. Also, it is important that if you’re producing most of the content yourself and also promoting that content, there’s not a whole lot of extra time to do more. Hiring someone to help you out, but then you need to worry about them matching your content quality expectations.

With a PPC campaign, if you’re having good results and want to scale up your efforts, all that you do is either raise your budget or gain more knowledge on the digital campaigns.

SEO: All You Need To Know About Long Tail Keywords

When it comes to SEO there are a number of tricks and tips related to SEO on the internet. It sees that there is a flood of tips that is available on the net. One of them is regarding the long tail keyword. Now that people know that there is something as long tail keyword, they tend to use it more often without realizing that the articles should not lack the real world and practical examples in order to offer you a clear picture of what the long keyword actually are and how one can use it for SEO strategies making.

Below we explain you on how you can use the long tail keyword and what all tricks you can apply in order to target the audiences.

However, before we step into the main tricks we must be aware on what a long tail keyword is? Long tail keyword is no doubt challenging and they are highly specific to the phrases that have a low search volume, however, they intend to explain the content much more clearly. Long tail keyword are generally three or more world’s long. So, now you know and can find out which keyword is a long tail keyword. Along with it you must be aware that what keyword has a clearer and specific intent behind their usage.

What help does it offer to the Search Engine Optimization?

Long tail keywords constitute to the major search traffic, which includes traffic on the web. Also, if you analyze your website you will too find out that the major search results made by your audience will that be of the long tail keyword. It contributes to 70% of your searches. Also, Google ranks those keywords on top and most of those will come out to be the ones which you might not be optimizing.

That means the majority of your organic traffic comes through the keywords you haven’t even been consciously targeting. Imagine what could happen if you invested just a bit of effort here, things would completely different.

The following are some things one must know and some tricks regarding the Long Tail Keywords:

Easy to rank on the search engines:

Now that you have got to know that there is not much notice paid by you on long term keyword yet the searches are ranked on these, therefore this makes it sure that the long tail keywords are low demand, low competitive, and very easy to step in.

Be Specific while using the Long Tail keywords:

Doesntatter much on what your micro-conversion is – the smarter use of the long tail keyword the higher possibility of your page ranking on search engines. They will help you search for the keywords that are more helpful for your goals. These could be purchase intent keywords or informational queries to win blog subscribers. Whichever kind you are looking for, it’s easy to see if a long-tail term fits into your conversion strategy or not.

Search for new Keywords:

One must be aware of the usage of keywords, that is one must use generic terms while one is targeting their website.  One must not be stuck on just a few keywords or the specific ones experimenting on new long tail keywords can also be proven to be a success. While researching for long tail keywords one must take into consideration of the target audience and the ranking.

Even though these are the keywords that you already rank for, it’s still a good idea to assign a landing page to each of them.

Thoughts on SEO And it’s Outcome one needs to know

Company whether big or small, has a turnover huge or a minimal one – does not matter when it comes to execution and growth. Each one of them wants growth, they are ultimately working for growth and to achieve and reach a level ahead from the previous day’s. SEO company in India is no different.

When you are driving a company on a digital platform or whether promoting one you are likely to see that it is very essential to know and understand the SEO, Search Engine Optimization. SEO comes into force especially when you have to implement upon the online strategies you have planned for your business. As you know that the very first thing people or your customer will look upon for your business is on the internet. They will either use their smart phones or PCs or laptops anything to know about your business or services you offer.

SRPM Technology

After that you have understood that you need a website and one which is designed properly and has been worked upon with a lot of research and tricks that will make it available and shown on the search engines. And therefore, you need to spare your valuable time or maybe hire a person to spend it and build a website which has a basic information regarding your business – both services and products to offer. And there are various ways to do it on your own as well.

Also, pay a lot of attention on its SEO. Yes, you would surely not want to spend your valuable time and money and hard work – yet not make it to the search engines. You would surely not want to know that after putting it so much effort your website isn’t optimized enough.

After all you know that SEO is the king when it comes to growth and specifically to reaching large number of audience. One of the major issues that pop up is that SEO takes a lot of time, it requires too many technical work and does not guarantee a sure shot success. Therefore better work for offline or a trail of promotions instead of SEOs. But no you are wrong here.

Let’s take a look at a few aspects of SEO that make newcomers hesitant about embracing and using it:

SRPM Technology

1.  it’s Not a Magic Formula

If you consider SEO as a magic wand and wants it to use it in a way to make it an instant success for your company, then you are surely going to deal with sheer disappointment. SEO is valuable to your business’s profitability, but it will take time before you’ll see a return on investment.

When it comes to business the strategies you make, and the campaign you follow must lead to something significant. Now obviously if you are not getting an output then you should not invest your time into it. Now SEO is a slow process however, a great success when once it has become a subsequent process.

2.  It Takes Too Much Time

Anyone who is either new to SEO or has a small and medium business company, they feel SEO has less or no significance when it comes to progress and growth. Now there are a lot of optimization one has to undergo when it comes to SEO, however, it isn’t necessary to use everything at once.

There are a couple options for busy business owners tackling SEO. The first option is to hand over all the SEO tasks and responsibilities to a digital marketing agency. This is one of the options that a lot of companies can try out and this way a professional can deal and go through the process properly. The other option is to tackle the SEO yourself. Yes, don’t try to apply every step whatever you find on the internet. Try to follow step by step. You will save money doing it by yourself and also learn about SEO.

What’s the Hullabaloo about Paid Marketing?

Marketing in itself means ups and downs – be it the digital marketing or the real-time. People have been observing and analyzing – which however has become a misconception that PPC marketing has seen its usefulness come and go. According to the experts this isn’t the case anymore. All the more the things have been enhanced in order to meet the needs of the consequently changing internet environment. One of the essential keys of the PPC strategy is to target the audiences so that the advertisers can realize higher conversion rates and more relevant traffic.

Quantity vs. Quality

This is one of the most prevalent debate that goes on between Quality and Quantity which is questioned every now and then. It is very important to understand the concept as well as the relation between the two. Just because a site gets a lot of paid traffic, that doesn’t mean that it’s quality traffic.

An inadequate PPC audience targeting strategy can result in an irrelevant traffic and do nothing to create a return on a company’s investment. Instead of a wide, open path, specific PPC audience targeting leads consumers down smaller, narrower paths to the same end destination – one targeted to be within their interests. Some specific analysis of targeted marketing like that based on the previous online activity will lead to an increased flow of meaningful traffic.

It can also provide more ways to bring people in for their first experience or encounter – then back for more, as they see how well the content matches their interests or online activity.

SRPM Technology

Many Paths – One Goal

Speaking about the conversions as our first priority. Not every time you have to take a huge step in order to grow or progress – sometimes all you need is to take small steps towards the starting point. Micro conversions are actions after the click that do not result in a sale. Some examples include:

  • Downloading a file
  • Watching a video
  • Creating an account
  • Signing up for mobile or email alerts
  • Allowing push notifications

By targeting audiences with PPC strategies one can easily know the interests of the audiences in the products or services which a company has to offer. And by using the this information your brand will be able to remain in priority and at the forefront of there mind.

Small conversions usually take potential customers or audiences in that matter down a virtual path, and all those paths lead into larger ones. However, the goal is always the same, though the path to that final conversion may be very different for each audience.

PPC Audience Targeting with AdWords

People consider AdWords or AdSense as an instant gainer and you post content and there you get dollars in your account. No!

This ain’t  any rocket science. Definitely this is very essential and important to understand. Remarketing with Google AdWords allows advertisers to build custom audiences, create audiences that are similar, and cross-market with Facebook and other social media channels to gain relevant traffic.

If you ask how does the populating the custom audiences with traffic works, the answer is really simple. It allows the advertiser to create a list of these audiences such that it is enough to create a campaign on AdWords. And undoubtedly, with Google being the preferred search engine it results and ads on to the first page on the searches and will bring in more traffic than those websites available on the second, third or fourth pages.

Paid marketing when it comes to digital marketing is a vital part of building a successful business. As we all know the Internet is no longer a place where you can simply create a website and expect traffic to simply show up. Obviously you cannot depend on the traffic to grow on its own without any kind of promotions. And at the end if you are not sure how to reach a target audience, then talking to marketing professionals is your best bet and it will great if you hire them to help you with PPC service in India.

Post Your Content On Right Time for Social Media Promotion!

Limiting SMO – Social Media Optimization to keywords stuffing and using appropriate hyperlinks is not all that one has to understand about SMO. There are several other aspects related to SMO. One of the important and lesser-known facts is the timings when you post about your product or service online.

Your social media nowadays itself gives you complete and apt analysis as to when you should post on your social media platform, what is the best time – the most active hours for your audience and what not. And we tend to ignore it one of the major reasons being that we are so overwhelmed of the quality of the content that one has fetched to post on the platform that one feels the content in itself will attract audiences and ignore the time. Now, for eg. – a post on Saturday evening will automatically fetch more engagements other than one posted on a Monday. Yes, sometimes it is that simple.

So, what is the best time to post on any social media platforms? Is it same for all the major platforms or different? Does it depend on the content?

Well, well, there are several such questions that might have started to pop up when it comes to SMO and when we told you then this is what another aspect of SMO is. Timings are very essential when it comes to posting your content online. It is different for each and every platform.


Now Facebook is one of the major social media platforms where people are spending their time and get attracted to content also are finding solutions to their problems. They search for services, products, and companies.

It is very obvious not everyone engages to every social media platform at one time and a single go. If one goes technically by research it sad most people engage on Facebook for comments on Fridays. So, when it comes to product promotion or services Friday sounds an appropriate time to post content on your platform. People have time to engage in your content without leaving it too soon. It generates around 17% of your content engagement. Also, it falls right back on Mondays and starts gaining momentum from Wednesday. Also, ensuring the time you should post is during the late evening until midnight.


On Twitter too there is a specific time. Yes, despite the people using it on a daily basis the promotional content fetches engagement on weekends. And you might be surprised to know that it hikes your engagement by 30%.

Now in any given week, the engagement on Twitter might raise between 1-3pm – this might be because of the lunch and tea breaks. So in order to get more engagements and clicks, shares you must post your Twitter promotional content from 1 pm to 3 pm. This time thing varies for B2B content also. Any tweet related to such topics will fetch attraction during weekdays. They provide at least 14% of more engagements than the weekends. For the highest number of shares and clicks, one must post content during the 5 pm slot.


It is very obvious to stay that LinkedIn has more B2B audiences. The content is also very appropriately chose and so is the time. So it is easy to understand that one will gain more engagements during the business hours on weekdays. Early evening, starting between 5 to 6 PM is another great time of the day to publish content on LinkedIn, because you are catching your audience at the end of a workday. To go by research your LinkedIn post will get more clicks and shares on Tuesday 10 am – 11 am. The best times to post are 7am-8am and 5pm-6pm. Also, there is the worst time to publish content to your LinkedIn connections and that is between the hours of 10 PM to 6 AM, as most professionals are inactive during this time.

So, this was all about the three major business-related social media platforms and their timing preferred to be posted.

Things A Great SMO Activity could do to your Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing has opened so many doors to progress and growth that there isn’t just one but innumerable aspects that the company has to go through and follow up when it comes to promotions. So it’s not always about the audiences who have a lot of options but it’s a hell lot of work for the company’s end as well. SEO, Digital Marketing, SMO, and others that comprise of the in a total of the tricks one has to essentially apply in order to grow in the digital market.

Now, social media optimization that is SMO, consists of two basic steps, which are – the engagement of the content which you as a service provider offers to the customers and the advertisement and promotion of common shareable information to come safely make it facile, in practice, for users to analyze. There are successful sites that have observed and analyzed that the denomination of any piece of content which is unique is the most essential key to get a user committed to view it and also get a few clicks further on the website. Along with it, there are other ways to promote on the Social Media platforms and one of them is to provide and post an attractive and amazing content on the page. For instance, one must offer an engaging first paragraph or lines so that people are enticed to look into it.

Social Media Marketing by SRPM Technology

Nowadays, there are social media platforms like YouTube, which offers the users a link from the advertising firms and they direct them to YouTube. This makes them go to the videos which they have been mostly viewing. Of course, once you sit on the Analysis you will come to know that there are innumerable aspects of social media and lesser known to the world. One can easily use those analysis to get valuable and at the same time useful feedbacks on the marketing campaigns which you have been making up for days. This will help you a lot. It is very clear that without the media participants there is nothing as such “viral” sharing. One has to have an audience and reach to them smoothly and immediately in order to not let it die down within a few shares.

When participants promote a link, this makes it spread into that area which you might not be able to reach or might not be targeting but was useful to you and perpetuate to spread. Within every network, there are people who act as messengers or sharing hubs.

We enjoy sharing information and we also draw towards those things to relish with like-minded people. Social media has simply taken a cue from these concepts and have scaled them up for the internet, which makes our personal networks more voluminous and more potent than any other days.

What is the importance of SMO service in India?

The prosperity of your marketing campaign is the only objective of the firms offering SMO services India and they leave no stone unturned to take steps in this direction. Their cost-effective Social Media Optimization Packages are the most potential choice for any marketing company which is trying to reach out to people more quickly and vividly.

Their functions include:

  • Promoting the brand name that helps you grow your business ideas into greater concepts

  • Helps your website rank higher which in a way helps you grow both your SEO and SMO

  • Helps you to expand your businesses in all the sectors – or to specific areas you want it to grow

  • Quickly receive the feedbacks of all your customers, offer more connectivity by the many inbound links on your business website by the SMO Package that has been offered to you

  • SMO services India normally helps you to perform the brand promotion and top of the line customer accommodation

The Basic To Growth On Digital Platform – Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketing has become one of the top most priority and fastest growing platform. And there is no rocket science – each one has access to mobile phones. You launch a video and one notification makes thousands, lakhs, and innumerable people to see it. Of course, depending on your reach and audiences. 

Now you might be thinking – the trick should be other way around too, right? Well, definitely if you are thinking to launch your website, product, or brand on a digital platform you can easily do it, however, there is a lot to make it a success, to see the growth you have been looking for.

Many of the business people experience serious difficulties seeing the value of SEO, and we understand that very well. There is a ton of data and deception out there about website improvement, and it can truly build the trouble of this choice.

Yes, there are tricks and hacks – you will find them innumerable links available on the internet. Then what are we providing different? Nothing? Nope. We tend to focus on the presentation and designing but forget that SEO is one of the most important aspect when it comes to website promotion and growth.

SRPM Technology

Definitely the SEO strategy takes a long time especially when it comes to yielding the results, which one might be expecting. Also, there are a very few people who know and understand the tricks and tactics associated with the digital marketing and specifically Search Engine Optimization, that is SEO.

By now we might be clear that SEO is the one of the most important key element when it comes to highlight your website on search engines. Now if you are among the business companies who are striving and willing to take the risk to do something different, something out of the box – yet not able to decide how things can conclude to growth – well SEO services in India is the answer to you. Now with SEO the risk factor is null and void, yes, the only factor that some people find to losing patience upon is the time. Gaining outcome overnight and coming on search engines on top pages in just a few days won’t be possible. 

To be very honest, the people wo makes it look that. SEO yield effective results instantly are just letting you know half the truth. SEO services in India undoubtedly yields you growth – your website on the digital platform is reached to more people – but not overnight. The SEO tricks takes its own time – Google and other search Engines requires time to see if your content is unique. If you are what people are searching for with the specific keywords – you will appear on the searches. 

Now there are a few things that must be totally avoided. Keyword inserts does not at all mean that you overhaul your website with keywords that are neither fitting anywhere nor means appropriate. Just for the sake of stuffing keywords – does not yield you anything. Rather the opposite might happen. Google and other search engines are such that they might slash your website down if you have stuffed keywords. Of course, there are specific ways, tricks, tactics, and systems – whatever you may call it so – that are needed not just to be followed blindly but to be understood. Yes, there are several things – both major and minute that are to be taken care of and understood – before you jump to the conclusion. SEO has been a major element in providing growth and increasing the outputs for the inputs you offer and put into.