Post Your Content On Right Time for Social Media Promotion!

Limiting SMO – Social Media Optimization to keywords stuffing and using appropriate hyperlinks is not all that one has to understand about SMO. There are several other aspects related to SMO. One of the important and lesser-known facts is the timings when you post about your product or service online.

Your social media nowadays itself gives you complete and apt analysis as to when you should post on your social media platform, what is the best time – the most active hours for your audience and what not. And we tend to ignore it one of the major reasons being that we are so overwhelmed of the quality of the content that one has fetched to post on the platform that one feels the content in itself will attract audiences and ignore the time. Now, for eg. – a post on Saturday evening will automatically fetch more engagements other than one posted on a Monday. Yes, sometimes it is that simple.

So, what is the best time to post on any social media platforms? Is it same for all the major platforms or different? Does it depend on the content?

Well, well, there are several such questions that might have started to pop up when it comes to SMO and when we told you then this is what another aspect of SMO is. Timings are very essential when it comes to posting your content online. It is different for each and every platform.


Now Facebook is one of the major social media platforms where people are spending their time and get attracted to content also are finding solutions to their problems. They search for services, products, and companies.

It is very obvious not everyone engages to every social media platform at one time and a single go. If one goes technically by research it sad most people engage on Facebook for comments on Fridays. So, when it comes to product promotion or services Friday sounds an appropriate time to post content on your platform. People have time to engage in your content without leaving it too soon. It generates around 17% of your content engagement. Also, it falls right back on Mondays and starts gaining momentum from Wednesday. Also, ensuring the time you should post is during the late evening until midnight.


On Twitter too there is a specific time. Yes, despite the people using it on a daily basis the promotional content fetches engagement on weekends. And you might be surprised to know that it hikes your engagement by 30%.

Now in any given week, the engagement on Twitter might raise between 1-3pm – this might be because of the lunch and tea breaks. So in order to get more engagements and clicks, shares you must post your Twitter promotional content from 1 pm to 3 pm. This time thing varies for B2B content also. Any tweet related to such topics will fetch attraction during weekdays. They provide at least 14% of more engagements than the weekends. For the highest number of shares and clicks, one must post content during the 5 pm slot.


It is very obvious to stay that LinkedIn has more B2B audiences. The content is also very appropriately chose and so is the time. So it is easy to understand that one will gain more engagements during the business hours on weekdays. Early evening, starting between 5 to 6 PM is another great time of the day to publish content on LinkedIn, because you are catching your audience at the end of a workday. To go by research your LinkedIn post will get more clicks and shares on Tuesday 10 am – 11 am. The best times to post are 7am-8am and 5pm-6pm. Also, there is the worst time to publish content to your LinkedIn connections and that is between the hours of 10 PM to 6 AM, as most professionals are inactive during this time.

So, this was all about the three major business-related social media platforms and their timing preferred to be posted.

Things A Great SMO Activity could do to your Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing has opened so many doors to progress and growth that there isn’t just one but innumerable aspects that the company has to go through and follow up when it comes to promotions. So it’s not always about the audiences who have a lot of options but it’s a hell lot of work for the company’s end as well. SEO, Digital Marketing, SMO, and others that comprise of the in a total of the tricks one has to essentially apply in order to grow in the digital market.

Now, social media optimization that is SMO, consists of two basic steps, which are – the engagement of the content which you as a service provider offers to the customers and the advertisement and promotion of common shareable information to come safely make it facile, in practice, for users to analyze. There are successful sites that have observed and analyzed that the denomination of any piece of content which is unique is the most essential key to get a user committed to view it and also get a few clicks further on the website. Along with it, there are other ways to promote on the Social Media platforms and one of them is to provide and post an attractive and amazing content on the page. For instance, one must offer an engaging first paragraph or lines so that people are enticed to look into it.

Social Media Marketing by SRPM Technology

Nowadays, there are social media platforms like YouTube, which offers the users a link from the advertising firms and they direct them to YouTube. This makes them go to the videos which they have been mostly viewing. Of course, once you sit on the Analysis you will come to know that there are innumerable aspects of social media and lesser known to the world. One can easily use those analysis to get valuable and at the same time useful feedbacks on the marketing campaigns which you have been making up for days. This will help you a lot. It is very clear that without the media participants there is nothing as such “viral” sharing. One has to have an audience and reach to them smoothly and immediately in order to not let it die down within a few shares.

When participants promote a link, this makes it spread into that area which you might not be able to reach or might not be targeting but was useful to you and perpetuate to spread. Within every network, there are people who act as messengers or sharing hubs.

We enjoy sharing information and we also draw towards those things to relish with like-minded people. Social media has simply taken a cue from these concepts and have scaled them up for the internet, which makes our personal networks more voluminous and more potent than any other days.

What is the importance of SMO service in India?

The prosperity of your marketing campaign is the only objective of the firms offering SMO services India and they leave no stone unturned to take steps in this direction. Their cost-effective Social Media Optimization Packages are the most potential choice for any marketing company which is trying to reach out to people more quickly and vividly.

Their functions include:

  • Promoting the brand name that helps you grow your business ideas into greater concepts

  • Helps your website rank higher which in a way helps you grow both your SEO and SMO

  • Helps you to expand your businesses in all the sectors – or to specific areas you want it to grow

  • Quickly receive the feedbacks of all your customers, offer more connectivity by the many inbound links on your business website by the SMO Package that has been offered to you

  • SMO services India normally helps you to perform the brand promotion and top of the line customer accommodation